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I'm  Ohm

The short version about me...

"Spiritual devotee & energy junky.

LOVE is my religion and Earth is my playground.

Interconnectedness is my favorite word simply for its meaning, length and sound."

The slightly longer version about me...

I am a registered nurse by training. I began my medical work in 1995. My passion lies in helping people discover about themselves. In my journey of personal growth, I realise that mastery of life began with self. As a result, I created and founded THE 1 SPACE.


I firmly believes that no matter how messy life is, or how chaotic the external environment can be, there is a space in every one of us that is untouched, a space that we can retreat to. In this space, there is no fear, no anxiety and nothing is lacking. I am committed to help individuals find this space, because life is never the same again for anyone who finds it. Hence, it is completely possible to experience true peace of mind, a purposeful life and wellbeing every day.


I am an avid believer and practitioner of energy work. One of my favourite Scientist, Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The more I work with energy, the more I understand the true meaning of those words.


I work with several energy modalities. One of them is Reiki. I am a Reiki Master trained under the traditional Usui Reiki lineage. I also teach (vibrational) sound therapy with the Himalayan Singing Bowls, where I studied under a Grandmaster in Nepal.


Having the knowledge in western medicine and energy therapy, I can easily connect the principles of Science & the concepts of Energy and share my knowledge in the most relatable and effective way.

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