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“Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing your clutter can completely transform your entire existence."

Karen Kingston

What is Energetic Space Clearing?

On a physical level, you clean our own home or space regularly to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt as a result of your daily activities.


Similarly, energetic space clearing is clearing the space on the energy level as you may not see the energetic “dust and dirt” accumulation you deposit in your space daily. It is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures - from India and Bali to Peru and Morocco - and there are numerous ways and materials used for space clearing.


Energetic space clearing is a way to clear, balance and/or eliminate discordant energy from your environment. It is a great way to intentionally bring in good energies that will help you create a calm and peaceful harmonious environment.

Why Space Clear Energetically?

Regular energetic space clearing clears out energies of a lower frequency and brings in energies of a much higher frequency, keeping you and your environment positive and harmonious.

When is Energetic Space Clearing needed?
  • When you want to get through life transition - Jobs, new places and life changes

  • Welcoming a new member in the house and to create a loving space for your newborn

  • After a divorce or relationship break up

  • After a long illness in the house

  • When you want to have a balance of energy at home to welcome good luck and to manifest what you would want to have in life easily.

Energetic Space Clearing Workshop

Have you walked into a space and felt uncomfortable? Did you interact with someone and sensed the not-so-good vibes? Welcome to the world of energy! Every space holds energies, positive and negative, and yes, humans are beings with energies as well.


Just as we regularly clear out rubbish in our physical spaces, we too, should  do the same for the energetic rubbish. When you clear out stagnant, unwanted &/or negative energies, the space will become lighter, brighter, more pleasant and a happier place. Hence, it will create a positive effect on the living things in that space, i.e people, animals and plants.


Empower yourself and take ownership of your personal, living and working spaces by learning the proper ways of cleansing and energizing yourself and your spaces. This is a fun, experiential and learning workshop with lots of examples and hands-on practicals.

Workshop Outline
  • Introduction to energy and space clearing

  • The why's & when's to energetic space clearing

  • Techniques to energetic space clearing

  • Energetic space clearing do's and don'ts

  • Simple energetic space clearing

  • Regular energetic space clearing

  • Thorough energetic space clearing

  • Clearing the energetic space when traveling overseas

  • Other supporting tools for the maintenance of your energy space

NOTE: This workshop includes a basic space clearing kit for you to start your space clearing right away!

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