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FULL MOON Meditation & Sound Bath

with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Date TBC - 1930 to 2045hrs

THE 1 SPACE @ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace # 02-13A S(168976)

2021 Full Moon.jpg


The full moon is the phase of the moon when it is completely illuminated, as seen from Earth. During this period, Earth is right between the Sun and the moon, with all three in a line. This period is said to symbolise different things in different cultures. It has religious and spiritual significance in some, and in others, it is believed to symbolise the rhythm of time.


In India, it is traditionally believed that the full moon affects the movement and the flow of water in creation. Buddhists believe it is a time for spiritual reflection. The full moon is also thought to bring on swings in the mind and the emotions, hence the term “lunatic", where Luna or Lunar, refers to the moon. In our universe, every object has an impact on the other. The full moon as well as the new moon are thought to have an effect on the body and mind to some extent - practicing pranayama, yoga and meditation can help counter these effects.


Full moon nights are said to be periods where the moon pours down an enormous amount of energy, and many since time immemorial have dedicated this time to their spiritual practices to go deep within where it is encouraged to be a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect as whatever is going on in our body, mind and spirit will be amplified.

In our session, apart from dedicating a set time for pranayama and silent meditation, we shall be accompanied by the sounds of the ancient singing bowls.

Vibrations from the deep and harmonious sounds of our seven Chakra singing bowls specially hand hammered and brought in from Nepal, including a special Super Full Moon singing bowl (made during the duration of a Super Full Moon period) to be used on rare full moon meditation nights aim to reverberate our energy centres, support the cleansing of our energies and bring us back to balance. 


Join us on full moon nights for a meditation practice and receive an energetic and vibrant full body experience with our singing bowls! 


The Full Moon meditation will be led by Ohm while the sound bath will be conducted by Alfred.


Anyone may attend this session, regardless of your faith, religion, or belief system.


Please find payment via PayNow to +65 88279521 as the easiest method. Alternatively, you may also pay by IB transfer to POSB 069-14227-3.


Seats are limited to max 6 pax/ session, so kindly register to reserve a mat space.

Take note that your seat in the class is confirmed only when payment is received. For clarifications, you may contact us at the following:

Whatsapp – +65 8827 9521

Email –

Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing you in class. 🙏💕🙏

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