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“There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music and vibration.

You can look at disease as a form of disharmony." 

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

What is sound therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls?

Using at least 7 high quality full moon hand hammered Himalayan singing bowls, an individual will experience relaxation, healing and self-discovery through the vibration of the bowls surrounding the body.


The sound vibration will lead the individual into a meditative state of relaxation while the practitioner works on the energy blockage, cleansing and balancing of the individual’s chakras or issues.

What is a sound bath session?

Using the Himalayan singing bowls and Tingshas, a sound bath is a deep meditative experience of relaxation, healing and self-discovery. The vibrations of sound of the singing bowls penetrate our system, helping us to tap into our subconscious, clear blockages and recalibrate our energy.


Sound bath / healing has been named as the medicine of the future and benefits us on physical, mental, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual levels.

Himalayan Singing Bowls Workshop

Explore, learn and discover the ancient art form of healing with the Himalayan Singing Bowls at The 1 Space.


Equip yourself with the skill through these 2 days intensive training to become a singing bowl sound healing practitioner. There will be practical, sharing and discussion throughout the workshop.

NOTE: Singing Bowls will be provided for use in this workshop.

Workshop Outline
  • Introduction to Himalayan singing bowls

  • Types of singing bowls

  • The Chakra System

  • Different techniques in playing the Singing Bowls

  • Sound therapy techniques

  • Intuitive sound healing

  • Ways of using the Singing Bowls

  • Simple energy space clearing

  • Other supporting tools for the maintenance of your singing bowls

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